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  • Event Producers to understand and master complex tasks?
  • Experts, who know the business and stay in touch with what's new and hot?
  • Someone to build up and maintain a working production team?
  • Communicators to always provide all relevant production news?
  • Timelines that love every detail and still give you the big picture?
  • Someone to shoulder responsibility for budget and timing?
  • Tons of experience and a global vivid network?
  • Stage and Event layouts presented in 3D CAD drawings?
  • Support for your first production in Europe or Germany?

If only two points mentioned here are on your list we should fix a personal date.

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In the meantime.

As many of our productions only take place behind close doors, we decided to set up a kind of backstage photo album.

Allowing you some impressions off the record.

A lot of fun, sweat & work went into each and every one of these impressions.


Thank you all you funktastic crews over the years!

Thank you all you wonderful clients giving us all the chance again and again to create something new and amazing all together.




Did you enjoy the album? Found high-lights, got questions now?


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